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                                Solid Color Stains

Solid Color Solvent Based Stain with Slip Resistance Added into the Stain for Slip Resistance protection. This is our most popular style. You get 3 colors in your design and the border is included. This stain is very tough and lasts for many years without much maintenance. Just scrub with a scrub brush and Dawn Dishwashing liquid or pressure wash that's it.            


Sprayed Through a Hopper Gun,Very Slip Resistant. Perfect for Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks Etc. We can add the look of real Brick or other Textures. This process is very strong and goes down around 3/8 inch but is designed for vehicle traffic. Needs to be washed and Re-sealed every 3 years.

                                   Marble Epoxy

Resinous Coating with Metallic Powder infused to look like Marble, Very tough . This Application is for Indoor use only, Including Garage's. Warmer and Smoother to your feet than Tile or Acid Staining. Easy Maintenance. Long Life and very Durable.

                                 Grand Flagstone

Hand Trowel and Hand Taped to look like Flagstone, Great for Hiding Cracks on your Driveway and Pool Deck. We use the Cracks to form the Flagstone so they are almost Invisible. This is Designed for Driveway Use so its very Tough and great for Pool Decks or any other Concrete Surface you have. Requires Re-sealing every 3 years but will last many years.                 

                                 Rubber Surfacing

100% non slip surface. Laid at 3/8 of an inch thick so you won't have a big surface build. Softer to the feet than hot concrete and very very tough surface. Requires periodic pressure washing and that's it. As you can see it comes in several different colors and I can add different designs.

                                   Acid Staining

We Use Only The Highest Quality Acid Stains and Sealers. This is an Indoor Outdoor Product. That Requires periodic maintenance. Sealer must be re-applied or it will wear down and you will lose color. Outside Requires Sealer every 3 years.

                                 Wood Concrete

Wood Look is relatively new in the Industry but is catching on fast. Most manufactured  wood floors are very soft and not durable at all. This is concrete so its very tough but still has that look most customers love. Its indoor or outdoor so will go on any bare concrete. It will Require periodic sealing indoors and Every 3 years outdoors.

                                   Tuscan Slate

Hand Trowel with layers of different colors to give it that special look. We can add score line for the Tile look and comes in different colors. Inside or outside very durable even for vehicle traffic. Inside requires periodic sealing and outside will require Sealing every 3 years to maintain its color.